Value for Money Hairdressers in Glasgow

Finding good value for money hairdressers in Glasgow

Finding a hairdresser you’re happy with is always a great achievement, but any Glasgow resident will agree that finding a cheap hairdresser in Glasgow is even better. While a quick trip to the barber tends not to be too expensive, complicated cuts, as well as hair styling, and hair colouring, can set you back a pretty penny. Fortunately, our comprehensive database of hairdressers in Glasgow can help you to find an inexpensive hairdresser, no matter where you live in Glasgow.

Apprentices and apprentice hairdressing salons

One great way to find cheap hairdressers in Glasgow is by looking for salons that use trainee hairdressers. Specialist hairdressing trainee centres offer haircuts for a fraction of the cost, and they can be a great option if you’re looking to save money on hair colouring, cutting, and styling. While it’s possible to find these trainee centres all around Glasgow, including in the West and East Ends, and in the City Centre, you may also find that your local Glasgow hairdressing salon has an apprentice or two learning the ropes. Apprentices can also be a great idea for those who are looking at having their hair styled for an event such as a wedding or a trip to the races, as racewear and wedding hairstyles will cost a fraction of the normal fee, and can be easily redone if you’re not happy with their result.

Opt for a cheaper cut

As any woman knows, having a perm and a full head of foils can be quite an expensive endeavour. If you’re hoping to save money on your haircut or hairstyle, consider opting for a less high-maintenance style. Have your foils strategically placed so that regrowth takes longer to become noticeable, and if you dye your hair to cover up grey, consider opting for a lighter colour so that grey regrowth isn’t so obvious. Similarly, see whether there are alternatives to a perm or chemical relaxing, as both of these can be extremely expensive to maintain.

Consider where you have your hair cut

Depending on their location and the type of service that they offer, different hairdressers in Glasgow will charge varying amounts. For example, a hairdresser in the City Centre will often charge more for a basic cut and blow dry, as their rental fees can be higher, meaning that they have greater overheads to cover. In contrast, a hairdresser out in the suburbs, or in the student-heavy area of the West End may well be less expensive than a hairdresser in an expensive suburb such as Bearsden or Bishopbriggs. Similarly, going to a barber or a more basic style hairdressing salon can be far less expensive than having your hair cut at a full-service beauty salon that caters to wealthy clientele.