Hair colouring services in Glasgow

Hair colouring services in Glasgow

Hair colouring is an extremely common request, and it’s an area that most hairdressers in Glasgow will have some expertise in. Increasingly it’s not just women but men who are looking to have their hair coloured to cover up grey, or to add some interesting highlights to their usual hair colour. While your grandma might not like the idea, today’s hair colours offer a lot more than the standard blue rinse, so whatever your colour preference, you’ll be able to find it at your local hairdresser in Glasgow.

With the exclusion of some smaller services such as your local barber, most hairdressers in Glasgow will be able to help you with a request for hair colouring or bleaching. Hairdressers in some areas, such as the West End, may even specialise in hair colouring using unusual shades and hues, or in bleaching and colouring particular shades and types of hair. This is great if you have hair that is traditionally difficult to colour, or that easily becomes dry and split when treated using chemicals.

If you do find that your hair responds poorly to some types of hair colours, consider whether you really need to have your hair bleached first before colouring it. Some people will opt for a rinse or a simple over-the-top dye job that doesn’t require bleaching. However, some other options, such as natural lighteners and organic hair colours can also be a good choice for those with hair that is brittle or that is in poor condition.

Hair colouring can result in poorly conditioned hair, so if your hair is brittle or suffering from breakage, you may wish to visit your local hairdresser in order to have a conditioning treatment put in. You can opt to have these treatments performed by the hairdresser, or you may wish to considering purchasing the conditioning product in order to perform the treatment by yourself at home.

While most hairdressers in Glasgow tend to specialise in more permanent approaches to hair colouring, you may find that some, particularly full-service salons in areas such as the West End or in the City Centre that cater to a younger clientele, will sell brush-in hair colouring products. These products temporarily coat your hair with a particular colour, and can be great for dress-up parties and special occasions. You might wish to call ahead before seeing whether your local salon offers these products, however, but if they can’t, there’s no doubt that you can easily be directed to a hairdresser or beauty salon that sells hair colouring or lightening products.

Hair colouring is a widespread skill today, so if you’re after a cut and colour, simply use our comprehensive Glasgow hairdresser database to help you find a local beauty salon that offers this service. Whether you live in the West End, the East End, the South Side over the Clyde, or North Glasgow, you’ll be able to find the hairdressing service you need.